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Bathroom Fitters Cardiff

Bathroom fitters Cardiff

bathroom fitters cardiff

Bathroom Fitters Cardiff

While not expected, bathroom fitters may appreciate receiving a tip after doing an excellent job. Be sure to consult their company first before giving out gratuity payments.

Compare quotations like-for-like, including materials and labour. Also inquire if a tradesperson plans on subcontracting any parts of your work and, if that is indeed the case, which company.

Wet Rooms

A wet room is a bathroom featuring an entirely waterproofed shower space integrated into the floor. Oftentimes it features curbless entry and flush drain to eliminate need for shower screens or trays – giving an open and airy experience and making this perfect for those seeking sleek, modern designs in their bathrooms.

Wet rooms have gained increasing popularity for both aesthetic and practical reasons. No separate tub or curtain needs to be installed, making this form of bathing more suitable for people with disabilities. Furthermore, these wet rooms make cleaning much simpler as there are fewer nooks and crannies where mold or mildew could potentially thrive.

Wet rooms present an opportunity for homeowners to experiment with tile patterns, colours and textures that make a statement. Designer Cathie Hong recently used this trend in a primary bathroom renovation; she noted that adding visual interest makes the space more eye-catching while creating more of a focal point in the space.

Freestanding tubs can add another level of functionality without taking up precious floor space. They are best suited for larger bathrooms as their presence requires more floor area than that required by a conventional tub/shower combination unit.

Lighting can help prevent slips and falls in wet rooms as well. To achieve optimal illumination in your bathroom, installing low profile fixtures or recessed lights with lower lumen output may help. Likewise, including wet-rated light switches can add another level of safety; these are designed to shut off automatically if water comes into contact with them.

As part of designing your wet room, keep in mind that it will likely be much more humid than a traditional bathroom. Moisture and condensation build-up quickly so it is important to invest in an extractor fan capable of monitoring moisture and humidity levels throughout the day and automatically turning itself off when the shower is not in use.




Installing a new bathroom will instantly transform your space to create an uncluttered minimalistic ambience, such as tiled walls and floors. We offer an array of tiles so that we can work with you to find your ideal look – we will even handle plumbing, electrics, painting etc to create something stunning yet practical for your lifestyle! Plus we are fully insured so we guarantee a competitive quote.

View McCords and Associates bathroom fitting video to see what they can offer you.

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