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What happens in court for drunk driving?

drunk driving

Drunk driving is a serious offense. It can lead to a long list of legal and financial penalties, as well as the risk of killing someone in an accident. In this blog post, we will discuss what happens when you are caught drunk driving in the United Kingdom. We will also talk about motoring solicitors, who offer professional advice and representation to drivers facing prosecution for motoring offenses such as drunk driving.

What Happens If You Are Caught Drunk Driving?

When you are caught drunk driving, the police will take your license and give it to court as proof of your drunk driving offense. In some cases, they might also impound or immobilise your vehicle. If a breath test shows that you have over 70mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood – the legal limit – then this is enough for the police to give you a drunk driving charge. If it is lower, then they can still give you an offence for failing or refusing the breath test.

The usual procedure when going to court depends on whether your case will be heard in magistrates or crown court.

What To Expect From A Drunk Driving Trial?

When going to court as a defendant in a drunk driving case, it is important that you understand what might happen.

Even if drunk driving did not cause any injury or accident, the offense is taken very seriously by the government because it can happen easily and has fatal consequences.

If it goes to the magistrates’ court, this means that the drunk driving offense will be treated as a less serious crime. If you plead guilty, for this type of court case, it is likely that you will face a short – 12 months or less – disqualification from driving and a fine of up to £5000 pounds.

In some cases, your sentence might include community service if the judge thinks that drunk driving has caused a risk to public safety. If you are drunk behind the wheel and someone is hurt as a consequence – even if it’s your own passenger – then this can lead to up to five years in prison.

If, however, your drunk driving offense goes ahead at crown court or you plead not guilty, then there will be a longer – up to three years or more – disqualification from driving and the fine will be larger. You might also face up to six months in prison, community service, or both.

If you are drunk behind the wheel of your car when an accident happens to lead to someone getting injured or killed, then this can lead to current imprisonment for up to 14 years.

What Should I do If I have to Go To Court?

If you have been charged with drunk driving, then it is important that you hire a motoring solicitor to represent you in court. This way, they can help protect your rights and give the best possible advice. Best DUI Lawyers

The laws for drunk driving are strict because of how dangerous this offense can be when negligent or reckless behavior leads to a drunk driving accident.

If you have been charged with drunk driving, then a motoring solicitor can give you the guidance and protection that you need throughout the whole legal process – from going to court to negotiating your sentence. They will defend your rights so that no one is able to take advantage of an inexperienced person who might not know what their options are.

Motoring solicitors can provide a number of helpful services for drunk driving charges in the united kingdom, including:

– Requesting a lower charge if you feel that drunk driving is not an accurate description of what happened. For example, careless or reckless driving might seem more appropriate than drunk driving when it comes to your specific case.

– Requesting a lower sentence if it is clear that drunk driving was not the cause of any injury or accident. This might be the case in an isolated incident, for example when you had just consumed alcohol at home before getting behind the wheel.

– Negotiating your sentence with the prosecutor in order to get a suspended license rather than a disqualification, for example.

– Requesting community service if drunk driving was not the cause of any accident or injury and you have no previous drunk driving convictions on your record.

A drunk driving charge is a serious offense and you might lose your license for up to three years or more. This, as well as the risk of fines and community service, making it worth looking into motoring solicitors; who can help you fight drunk driving charges in court.

Motoring Solicitors are a professional team of motoring lawyers who can help you build your drunk driving defense and represent you in court. They will also advise on the possible penalties that might be imposed, depending on your case.

If you are facing drunk driving charges it is important to contact a professional team of motoring solicitors right away so they can start building your drunk driving defense.


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