How to Keep Your Glass Extension Sparkling Clean During Summer 2021

how to keep your glass house clean

Glass house extensions are a valuable asset to a home that can add value to your property when maintained well. With such a significant bearing on your property’s worth, you have to keep it in top-notch condition. A tidy and clean extension has the benefit of allowing more light and keeping dust and dirt away.

Glass on windows and glass rooms get dirty both outside and inside. When the sun is shining bright, you will notice marks and stains on the window panes of the glass room, which were not visible before. This is why you should clean the glass in the summer as you can see stains and marks clearly when the sun is bright. It would help if you also cleaned all your windows simultaneously without forgetting the glasshouse windows not to spoil your view. To reap the full benefits of your glass house extension, let us look at how to keep it sparkling clean during this summer season.

Tools you’ll need:

• A bucket/spray bottle of soapy water
• Vinegar or window cleaning solution
• A microfiber cloth
• A squeegee
• A sponge

glass house extension cleaning tipsAn important tip is to clean the glass before or after sunset or when the air is still, and the sky is overcast. This will slow down evaporation that causes streaking and reduce spray-bottle blowback. The streaks make the glasshouse windows look dirty and if they are not taken care of they may make permanent marks that will give an ugly look. When they are not removed after a long time they form permanent marks that may force you to replace them. This move is more expensive than the latter which is all about maintenance.

It is not difficult to keep the interior of your glass room clean as most people incorporate it into their regular cleaning routine. However, it is challenging to keep the exterior side clean. Exterior windows endure natural elements hence are likely to be more stained or dirtier than the interior side. So, your regular cleaning regimen may not clean the exterior properly.

Follow these instructions to clean the exterior of your glass extension:

• Use a hose to remove large grime deposits from the windows.
• Put a few drops of dish soap in a bucket and fill it with hot water.
• Use the solution to clean the glass panes using a clean microfiber cloth.
• Use a hose to rinse, ensuring that you remove the entire soapy residue.
• Spray the window with a solution of water and vinegar or a commercial cleaner.
• Use a newspaper, a towel, or a squeegee to dry the window using a “Z” movement.

If your windows have tough grime like bird droppings, let the cleaner sit longer before drying the window and glass extension. You may need to repeat the process severally to get the windows to sparkle without any residue or streaks. If you face a stubborn stain on the window, try removing it with a soft sponge, but do not use abrasive materials such as steel wool as they will harm the glass surface. Another thing is to make sure you are cleaning the window regularly. when you do this you make sure that there are no makes that permanent and the cleaning process becomes easier.

Window Frames

You can sweep or vacuum tracks and sills with a toothbrush or broom and then wipe them down with an all-purpose cleaner. For grimy screens, remove and label them and then vacuum on both sides with a dusting or an upholstery attachment. Alternatively, you can hose or scrub them down.cleaning your glass room in summer

Older uPVC frames lose their shine with grime and dirt build-up. Mix four cups of hot water with one cup of vinegar and pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Spray the uPVC with the vinegar mixture and let it stand for ten minutes. Use a smooth, dry and clean rag or microfiber cloth to wipe down and remove excess moisture. Do not use abrasive cleaning products or cream-based cleaners on window frames, as they will damage the glossy finish by scratching the top layer.

Handles, Hinges and Locks

These do not require much maintenance as the rest of the glasshouse. However, they need occasional attention, especially when the mechanisms feel stiff or squeak. Use a small amount of petroleum jelly or a light lubricant on the moving parts. Be sure to keep the lubricant away from the windows while applying, as it leaves marks making your job more difficult.

Window and Door Seals

Seal discolouration will eventually occur, but if the seals are damaged, you should contact a professional to advise you on the best sealant to use. Where there is extensive damage, an expert will recommend the best course of action to avoid further damage to the entire structure. It is always advisable to look for professionals for a clean result.

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