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How to Repair an Up and Over Garage Door

up and over garage door

Up and over garage doors are designed to open and close smoothly without sticking or binding. However, if proper maintenance isn’t performed over time, these doors can show signs of wear and tear. If your up-and-over garage door isn’t opening or closing as smoothly as it used to, it’s time to perform some essential maintenance. This article will cover some of the most common problems that garage doors develop and the best way to repair them. 

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Common Problems with Up-and-Over Garage Doors

  • Sticking and binding garage door.

Most garage doors use wheels that align with tracks to slide the door open and shut smoothly. One of the most common problems with up-and-over garage doors is that they start sticking during operation or get completely stuck in one position.

This can occur for many reasons, including dirt and debris build-up, misaligned tracks, or worn-out rollers. If your door is sticking, you’ll first want to check for any obstructions around the door, within the tracks, and under the wheels. Removing the debris or applying a lubricant can help to loosen the wheels in many cases. 

In other situations where the tracks are misaligned or damaged, you may require a more substantial repair or replacement of particular components. In this scenario, it’s best to rely on the trained expertise of a garage door installer.

  • The garage door doesn’t stay open.

Many garage doors operate using a tension spring that maintains the door’s weight in the open position. When these spring systems are damaged or degraded, the lack of torsion will prevent the door from staying open.

If you suspect that there are issues surrounding the spring-loaded arms that assist in the opening and closing of your up-and-over garage door, it is vital that you rely on a trusted maintenance specialist to conduct the work. 

Heavy-duty springs such as these can be dangerous to manoeuvre. Additionally, garage doors tend to be incredibly heavy, creating the potential for severe injuries if anything goes slightly wrong during the repair process. 

  • The automated garage door won’t work.

Up-and-over garage doors are one of the most commonly automated door options, as the mechanism is quick and easy to install. However, when the door fails to open, and you’re running late for work, the number of problems causing the fault can become a nightmare to solve. 

The first thing to check is your access remote. A battery replacement may be required, leading to an easy fix. If you can access the internal panel, opening the door will inform you whether there is a problem with the remote. If the door continues not to open, listen for the sound of the motor. 

If there is no sound from the motor, this component will likely require repairs or replacement. However, if there is sound from the motor and the door continues to stay shut, there is a physical problem with the function of the door. The fastest way to fix the problem is by contacting Garage Doors Repaired to solve the issue. 

Be cautious when attempting any DIY repairs.

up and over garage doorIt’s not uncommon for garage doors to develop problems over time. They can be opened and closed hundreds of times per year, placing continuous strain on the components that make it easy to open and close the door. Whilst regular maintenance and lubrication of the opening mechanisms can prolong the life of your garage door, certain problems can develop over time, whether a result of wear and tear or accidental damage. 

Certain repairs are much simpler than others, suggesting that you can fix them yourself. However, it is crucial to remember that garage doors are heavy and potentially dangerous objects. For more complex repairs associated with the moving components or spring systems, it’s always safer to contact a professional with experience fixing garage doors. 

How to Arrange Repairs for your Up-and-Over Garage Door 

Garage Doors Repaired have a team of experienced professionals who can quickly and efficiently repair your door. Certain up-and-over garage doors have specific mechanisms, such as tension or extension springs. These repairs require specialist repair tools. They are fully equipped with the right tools and skills to carry out repairs quickly and efficiently.

They offer a wide range of services, from repairs to replacements. They can also advise you on the best type of door for your needs, whether you’re looking for an up-and-over garage door or something else. Contact Garage Doors Repaired today to learn more about their services and selection of up-and-over garage doors.

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