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Open Glass Veranda vs. Closed Glass Veranda

Open Glass Veranda vs. Closed Glass Veranda

A veranda is a roofed, open-air porch or platform usually attached outside a residential building or around the house. Having a house with a veranda improves the appearance of your home by making it look more attractive and increase the value of your home to potential buyers.

Advantages of Closed Glass Veranda

• Comfortable For All-Weather
One of the primary benefits of having this veranda is that you can enjoy being outside all in all-weather. So if you don’t feel like relaxing inside the house in bad weather, you can still be on your veranda and enjoy watching the rains and still be dry.

• Added Living Space
If you want a place to relax away from the disturbances of children or people in your living room, a closed glass veranda will provide you with a cool place to chill out and relax and still enjoy the outside view of your house.

• Good Noise Insulation
It not only acts as a sun proof windbreaker or rain shelter. It also reduces noise by 40%hence this allows you to stay in tour veranda and relax without disturbance from the outside surrounding.

• Protects Your Outdoor Furniture
Outdoor furniture is prone to damage and often doesn’t last long because it fades and easily wears out. However, this veranda protects your furniture from outside elements, reducing your cost of repairs and maintenance.

Advantages of Open Glass Veranda

• Allows Light And Sunshine Through
With a stunning open glass veranda, you can enjoy the gentle breeze during the summer and enjoy a comfortable temperature. It also has an added advantage since it allows natural light in the veranda, making you enjoy the clear sun crystals all year.

• Space For Entertainment
Acts as an entertaining space for guests, children, and yourself since relaxing outdoors and under a roof that prevents you from harsh weather conditions is great fun. In addition, it can be used to work out and play other indoor games because these verandas have great space and good air circulation

• Exposure To Nature
Suppose you love the feel of nature in your home; an open glass veranda is the best since you can set up a perfect veranda garden. Your plants will have sufficient light, air, and space to survive and reproduce in an open glass Veranda. In addition, having plants and flowers in your veranda acts as a filter for polluted air entering your house, allowing the flow of fresh air that allows you to relax and unwind in the company of nature. It also reduces indoor bacteria density.

Disadvantages of Closed Glass Veranda

• Unsafe For Earthquake Proven Areas
Building a glass veranda in earthquake-proven areas needs to be specifically designed because glasses are brittle and, when subjected to stress, it breaks without significant strain.

• Increases The Cost Of Building
Installing a closed glass veranda increases the cost of building your house because glass is expensive compared to other materials. However, having a glass veranda enhances the cost of security and privacy because of its transparency.

• Heat Absorbent
During summer, you will find it difficult to relax in your closed glass veranda because glass can allow visible light and trap heat that eventually heats objects in the veranda, raising the room’s temperature.

• Glare
Glass veranda can cause a visual sensation that makes you feel very uncomfortable relaxing in your veranda during summer because of uncontrolled and excessive brightness.

• High Cost Of Security
If you have kids in your home, you will have to be extra careful with them while they run or play around the veranda to ensure that they don’t get to through things around since glass is a costly material and should be held with great care.

Disadvantages of the open glass veranda

• Wear And Tear
Your furnishing tends to fade so fast in such a veranda because they are directly exposed to direct sunlight. In addition, types of furniture in your veranda are prone to damages since they are open to direct wind and maybe pets that might end up tearing your couch.

• Limits Your Stay During Harsh Weather Conditions
You may want to relax in your veranda on a chilly morning, but you get limited since you get more exposed to cold, and you might end up catching a cold and getting sick. Therefore, having an open glass veranda limits you to enjoy being outside in all-weather

• Safety Reasons
Since the veranda is not completely enclosed, it may cause safety hazards, especially if you have kids around .this happens because there are no protective types of equipment, making it easy for kids to fall. Additionally, since the veranda is open, it may become the first choice to break into your room in a robbery case.

• Not Conducive To Modern Family Life
Nowadays, verandas are also used by people to sun drying clothes. However, an open veranda is easily exposed to heavy rains, wind, and dust. These aspects may make your hanged closed to get messy, dirty, soaked during heavy rains, or even blown away by the strong wind.


There are so many things to love about an open glass veranda over the closed glass veranda. This veranda has good lighting, allowing sufficient light to make the room brighter. It also allows good circulation of air, reducing indoor germs, and makes you enjoy the feel of nature.

If you prefer good air circulation, a great space for entertainment, and exposure to nature, then you should consider installing the open glass veranda and enjoy your stay. However, if you prefer an additional storage space in your house, great security, and protection of your outdoor furniture, you should consider installing a closed glass veranda.

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