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small bathroom ideas
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Living in the UK means having to deal with some of the smallest average housing sizes in Europe. Colloquially known as ‘rabbit hutch’ Britain, this housing squeeze is showing no sign of improving any time soon. In fact, according to a Mintel report, the average British bathroom has shrunk by a staggering 40% over the last decade. Because of this, it’s clear that small bathrooms are becoming increasingly more common across the UK, with homeowners having to look for ways to make better use of their limited space.

Thinking of small bathroom ideas can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be seen that way. Small bathrooms can also be a source of inspiration for homeowners who are looking to create a stylish and functional space. Whether you have a compact ensuite, a tiny guest bathroom, or a cloakroom under the stairs, there are many ways to make the most of your small bathroom. 

In this article, we will share some of our favourite small bathroom ideas and tips, and explain how you can achieve a stylish and practical design, no matter how small your bathroom may be. From maximising the space to smart decorative choices and efficient storage solutions, these tips will help homeowners make the most of their small bathrooms without sacrificing comfort or aesthetics.

Maximising Space

Designing a small bathroom can be difficult because of the limited space. A layout plan is vital if you want to remodel your small bathroom. Begin by taking stock of your space and deciding how you would like to use it.

Wall-mounted toilets and faucets are a great way to save space. Custom-built vanity units can be customised to fit any bathroom size and are great for those with limited countertops or storage space.

Wall-mounted storage options such as cabinets or shelves can be another way to maximize space. Wall-mounted storage can not only save floor space but can also add visual interest and character to the room. You can store toiletries and towels in a recessed cabinet or floating shelves if you have limited space.

A bathroom fitter can provide additional assistance if you need it. They will help you plan the layout and guide you through installation. https://rmplumbingandelectrical.co.uk/ provide great advice on bathroom installation if you need extra inspiration. 

Lighting and Colour

When designing a small bathroom, lighting and colour are important considerations. A small bathroom can feel larger and brighter if it is decorated with light, neutral colours. Avoid using dark colours on the floors and walls as they can make the space feel cramped or claustrophobic.

It’s important to consider lighting when choosing the right colour scheme. Small bathrooms can feel more welcoming and comfortable if they have a bright, welcoming lighting scheme. To create a multi-layered lighting scheme, you can use ceiling lights, wall lamps, and undercabinet lighting. This will allow you to adjust the lighting according to your preferences. Also, consider LED lighting. It can be a cost-effective and energy-efficient way to add subtle brightness to a room if you are on a budget.

Decorate With Mirrors

Mirrors play an essential role in making any bathroom appear more spacious. Any interior designer will tell you that to add grandeur to any room you must incorporate a wall-to-wall or floor-to-ceiling mirror. When used strategically, mirrors become more than just functional decor. They maximise the effect of colour and natural elements to create the illusion of space in any room.

Mirrors will reflect the light in the room creating an optical illusion of more space. Reflecting light around the room, for bathrooms without windows, can negate any feeling of claustrophobia caused by inadequate natural lighting. Consider adding a decorative pendant light in front of the mirror to intensify the brightness of the room.

Hanging large mirrors on the walls will instantly make a small bathroom look larger by providing the illusion of additional depth. Consider selecting a statement mirror with beautiful detailing and ornate frames to add opulence and elevate the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. Wall-to-wall mirrors are perfect for creating a seamless expanded view while still accenting décor pieces in your bathroom. 

Small Bathroom Storage Solutions

Finding adequate storage space is one of the greatest challenges in designing a small bathroom. With a little creativity, even small storage spaces can be made to work. Floating shelves and open shelving units are great small bathroom ideas for towel storage.

Baskets and containers are also useful to organize smaller items. Hangers that can be hung over the door are also a great way of making the most of small bathrooms. These hangers can store towels, bathrobes and hairdryers.

Top 2023 Bathroom Trends & Inspiration

These are the top trends in 2023 for small bathroom ideas and design inspiration.

Spa-like bathrooms

“Spathrooms” are the leading bathroom trend in 2023. Your bathroom should be a sanctuary of relaxation to unwind from the stresses of the day. To create a spa-like bathroom opt for a light, neutral colour scheme with dark accents. Incorporate natural elements such as wood or stone effect tiling for a more expensive look or add plants to make the room more calming.

Off-white tones

Small bathrooms are increasingly embracing off-white colours as they create the illusion of more space. These colours can be used both on the walls and floors. Look for light, airy colours such as eggshell, ivory, and cream to be used on walls. To create contrast with wall colours and furniture, consider grey-toned off-whites for flooring.

Nature-inspired features

Adding natural elements into the bathroom space is a growing trend in bathroom design. Consider adding plants or greenery to your small bathroom or using natural materials such as wood or stone tiles to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Stone showers

Stone showers add a luxurious spa-like feel to bathrooms as the stone feature gives a more expensive and natural look.  The texture of stone can also add beauty and elegance to any bathroom space. Stone effect tiles can be used to create a seamless and minimalist look.


Designing a small bathroom can be a stressful challenge, but it can also be an opportunity to get creative. By maximising the space, choosing the right colour and lighting, and exploring the latest trends, you can create a stylish and functional small bathroom that meets all your style and needs.

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