What are Monolith and Totem Signs?

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Monoliths are large, freestanding signs that typically face the road to attract drivers and road user’s attention. On the other hand, totem signs are smaller than monoliths and usually have more decorative designs as they are ideal for visibility from an angle and head-on. Monoliths may not make sense for every business, but totem signs can work in almost any situation. Print Sauce in Cardiff specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of directional signage of businesses.

Benefits of Totem and Monolith Signs

Outdoor signs are at the core of outdoor advertising, which influences business visibility. This article discusses more on these types of signage and how they promote visibility. It gives some great insight into what these types of signs can do for any brand. We will discuss how they help improve traffic to your website, how they can increase conversion rates when users get there, and more.

monolith signVisibility

Monolith and totem signs are visible from afar. They offer a perfect way to promote your brand, company logo, address and contact details. If you are into below the line advertising, the signage not only directs active traffic to your business but also improve your business image. They offer an alternative to make your company known since they provide information quickly.

For instance, if your shop, warehouse, or business is in a hidden place, the outdoor signage shows your potential clients business contact details and location. Besides, if you own a hotel or bar, you can use monolith or totem signage to notify passers-by or weary travellers that there is a hotel or bar in the vicinity.

Enhance Conversion Rates

Monolith and totem signs can help increase conversion rates. Many of these types of signs are interactive, meaning they have contact details for customers to use and talk to the customer service. It makes the sign more user-friendly, as it gives them a chance to find out more about the company before they even walk inside.

Increase Brand Awareness

The signages raise brand awareness as they are visible, colourful and eye-catching. Therefore, you need to incorporate your company’s name, logo, and web address in your signage to constantly remind your potential clients about your brand and how to get in touch.

Differentiate You from Other Brands
Monolith and totem signs separate you from your competitors, both as a brand and a service provider. If you want people driving by on the highway or strolling around town to identify your business, use the signage. The signs are eye-catching, which is more than having something basic and unattractive. They highlight your company focus, its products and what makes it unique.


Compared to other below the line advertising, monolith and totem signs are affordable. As a business owner, it is your work to ensure every dollar is well spent, especially on business development. With these types of signs, you can get a lot of traffic without digging deep inside your pocket.

Monolith and totem signs are multi-purpose as they apply to various places. It doesn’t matter the size or space you have or how often it changes. They do not require any heavy changes or complicated procedures to set up or remodel.


Monolith and totem signs are strong and durable. You do not have to replace them too often, even if the weather conditions are extreme all year round. It will give you its service for a long time, as long as it is not subjected to physical damage.

Easy to Install

Install and set up of the monolith and totem signs is fast and straightforward. Since most of the work happens in the factory, you only have to hang it. All you need is a screwdriver, screws and suspender to get on the wall or ground – no professional installation needed.

Way-finding Benefits

For every business to thrive, accessibility is essential. Monolith and totem signage provide your clients and employees with directional and contact information and wayfinding signs, making them ideal for the automotive and hotel industries.

Monolith and totem signs are essential for business growth. They are more visible and double-sided, providing information on the business more effectively. This outdoor signage increases brand awareness and is pocket-friendly compared to other types of business advertising. They also make it easier for your potential customers to locate your business fast and easy.

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