Sand cast jewellery is a type of jewellery made using the sand casting technique. Sand casting is a popular technique used by Wooden gold. It was first used in the mid-seventeenth century by the Pueblo peoples of the Southwest. One of the main reasons why this jewellery -making technique is popular is because it yields some of the best jewellery pieces in existence. However, it is a time and cost-intensive method.

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How sand cast jewellery is made

In sand casting, as the name suggests, a particular type of sand is used as the raw material. The sand has some resemblance with clay in its consistency. The sand is used to create a mold. Molten silver is then poured into the mold.

The following simple steps will help summarize the process:
• A mold to be used for the creation process is created. The mold can be made from metal, wood, or wax.
• Half of the mold is packed with stand
• Once the sand is in the mold, a model is placed into the mold. The model can also be created to come up with the cope side of the mold.
• The other half of the mold is also filled with sand
• Depending on the desired design, a second model can be carved into the other half of the mold. Another alternative would be to lay the second half over the same model. Doing so will help create a mirror image. This is called the drag side of the mold.
• The model is removed. When this is done a depression in the shape of the jewellery is created.
• From here, the two halves of the mold are fastened together.
• A channel, also known as a gate, is carved. The role of the channel is to let in molten silver into the mold.
• Through the gate, the molten silver is released into the mold. It is then allowed to cool.
• From there, depending on the desired results, the silver is worked further and polished.

From the steps mentioned above, you may think of sand casting is an easy technique. However, it is one of the most difficult jewellery -making methods to master. Regardless, several jewellery makers and artists have mastered the craft.

How to make sand cast rings

The process of making sand cast rings is not so far from the one mentioned above. You use the exact method to make the rings. However, below are straightforward steps to making sand cast rings;

  • Start by creating a version of the part you want to make using a melting material like wax or plastic. Place it inside a heat-resistant cementing material then heat it with cemented molds.
    • Melt the metal and force the molten into the mold. You can use a sprue opening to achieve this.
    • Cool the part down then clean it up.Note that before you embark on the process mentioned above, you need to gather the materials you need to create the rings.

Benefits of sand cast jewellery

Sand casting is an incredible technique for making jewellery pieces. Below are some primary benefits of sand cast jewellery;

• Uniqueness and originality- sand cast jewellery is typically unique. This is primarily because the original mold used to create the piece is destroyed when the molten silver is poured into it. This means that every sand cast jewellery piece is original and unique.
• Beauty- in addition to being unique and original, sand cast jewellery is also beautiful. The fact that you can make any design using the technique helps you achieve any level of beauty according to your taste.
• Durability- jewellery made using the sand casting technique is also highly durable. The process is very intricate, and the materials used help to ensure durability. This means that your sand cast jewellery can last for a very long time with a little polishing here and there.

Types of jewellery made through sand casting

There isn’t a limit when it comes to the types of jewellery pieces that can be made using this jewellery -making technique. You can use this method to make all kinds of jewellery like necklaces, bracelets and rings. However, sand casting small pieces is more ideal than the contrary. This is because using sand casting for large pieces can cost a lot of money.

Final Word

Sand casting was commonly used in the Native American Indian culture to make traditional jewellery pieces. Sand cast jewellery is one of the best kinds of art in existing with Wooden gold. While it may take a lot of time and labour, it is worth.

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