Why More Businesses in 2022 Will Choose Serviced Office Space

why businesses are using serviced offices in 2022

What are serviced office spaces?

They refer to a fully furnished, highly scalable and tailored-made workspace that includes technology and full-service property maintenance.

Serviced offices spaces are rented out as service and space packages. Businesses may utilize a private office solely and access services such as postal services, reception, and telephone while benefiting from communal amenities such as conference rooms and breakout areas.

When looking for workplaces, serviced offices have become a very prevalent and well-known preference. Serviced office spaces have sprung up at an alarming rate in response to the rising demand. Statistics have shown that as time goes by, more businesses are adapting to serviced office spaces. 

When deciding which serviced office is right for your business, fixate on your business’s essentials to save you time and money in the long run.


Reasons why many businesses in 2022 will choose serviced office spaces


1. Provides a flexible work space

It’s nearly difficult to forecast where a company or business will be in a year these days. Conventional offices usually offer a long-drawn lease of 3-5 years. Contrarily, serviced offices are leased flexibly; all business proprietors need to do is decide the amount of time they wish to spend there. This enables businesses to be more flexible in managing space – and take on as much space as they require. Importantly, businesses have the flexibility to increase or reduce their space requirements as their company progresses.

2. Fully furnished to get started

With serviced offices, everything is incorporated, even furnishings. Nowadays, there is no need to budget for office furniture purchases. Every serviced office in a commercial area is leased to another company, and together they have access to communal amenities and a network of experts. 

Serviced offices supply businesses with the internet, telephone lines, furniture and other features they may choose on moving. Membership begins as young as a month and may scale flexible workplaces from one individual to a one hundred team.

3. Affordable budgeting

Businesses and organizations needing support services, including those seeking to cut expenses, improve corporate agility and minimize the hazards of leasing office space, are popular. However, it is palpable that office upkeep costs a lot of money.

Luckily, serviced offices prehend this burden off business proprietors’ shoulders and handle it for them. Every contract has this clause. This includes not only routine maintenance but also repairs and cleaning.

4. Preferred office locations

Service operators frequently establish their workplaces in urban centres, creating appealing locations for residents who want to use competent centres. On the other hand, providers will collaborate with businesses to establish offices outside urban centres or in particular metropolitan areas. 

This can notably appeal to firms seeking to invest in the real estate model by constructing regional offices in and around the city centre.

5. Effortless and swift to move in

Incidentally, moving into a serviced office is a piece of cake. All it takes to do is pick up the basics from their former office and transfer them to their new office.

With traditional relocations, one has to hire movers who will load and unload the office equipment and sort and organize all the furniture and appliances in the newly moved office. 

When relocating, there is an amount of recess time businesses take. During this period, company activities and procedures are latent until the processes for relocation and set-up are finished. This downtime may create a severe issue for their customers and partners.

Fortunately, with serviced offices, everything is put in place for businesses to get started immediately.

6. Information Technology Support

Just until recently, businesses thought it was superlative to retain their own IT and employees throughout. Nevertheless, as time goes by, this has become a costly way of doing business. Business people do not have to agonize over the payroll cost, establishing an IT infrastructure, or upkeep with a serviced office. These offices supply all amenities and services at their disposal.

With serviced offices, businesses will have access to professional IT staff with the most cutting-edge technology, always at their service whenever they encounter problems during operations. The IT staff are equipped and experienced to handle all situations seamlessly within a blink of an eye to avoid any inconveniences in all business processes.

Technologies available in serviced offices include WI-FI, printers, mail delivery, security, video conferences, telecom services, conference rooms, internet and LCD screens.

7. Provisional perks and office amenities

Most serviced office providers offer their tenants customized amenity packages, allowing them to personalize the workplace environment to their workers’ requirements. Serviced office spaces providers offer perks and amenities that are part of the monthly cost, such as;

• Free snacks, food and drinks,

 • Café and kitchen areas that are fully equipped with beverages and fruits.

 • In-house fitness facilities and showers

 • Break areas where tenants can take a moment of rest

 • Storage spaces

 • All office equipment, including projectors, photocopiers and printers

8. Admin assistance

Trained professional admin support is available to take calls, file documents, and more in serviced offices, including everything in one monthly fee. They’re ready to take care of any business chores they have so they can fixate on their business. In addition, the admin manages the employee and visitor experience and office supplies and vendor connections.

Whether you’re a fledgling or a well-established business, a serviced office space is the ideal option for you.

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