20mph Wales petition hits over 145,000 Signatures since Sunday 17th 2023

20mph wales petition hits 145,000 +

On Sunday, Mark Drakeford’s Labour government put their highly unpopular 20mph default speed limit in place.

Welsh Conservatives say people have had enough of the new default speed limit policy implemented by Welsh authorities, who claim it will save lives and build “safer communities”.

A Senedd petition seeking to abolish the new 20mph default speed limit has garnered over ten thousand signatures.

A Senedd petition that garners over 10,000 signatures may be reviewed by the Petitions Committee and potentially considered for debate in its chamber, although this cannot be guaranteed.

Mark Baker started the petition that has since been signed by Natasha Asghar, Shadow Minister for Transport and Technology of Welsh Conservatives and posted it on social media accounts encouraging others to sign it.

The petition has gained over 145,000 signatures and is climbing, but Will Welsh Labour will look at this again.

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Welsh Government documents estimate the economic cost of journey delays due to slower average vehicle speeds at between £2.7 billion and £8.9 billion.

One Welsh Conservative politician has expressed alarm that the Welsh Government’s refusal to reconsider speed limit changes puts at risk the legitimacy of Welsh democracy.

An ITV poll revealed that only 31% of respondents support this policy, while 66% were against it.

A three-year study on 76 streets in Belfast city centre which were reduced to 20mph had “little impact” on reducing road traffic collisions, casualties, or driver speed.

Will the Senedd reverse this new law and listen to the people of Wales, very unlikely.

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