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5 Signs Your Office Needs Redesigning

Employees spend a large portion of their days in the office. Therefore, it is not uncommon that over time, the workplace environment becomes uninspiring especially if it’s surrounded by wear and tear. You may also realise that many employees have been working in the same office for years. To keep them feeling valued and motivated within the organisation, it is essential to sustain a functional and inspiring workplace. Several studies show that failing to redesign every year can negatively impact a business’ ethos as well as meaningfully impact profit margins and employee retention over time. 

Redesigning the office involves a whole office fit-out such as redesigning reception areas, boardrooms, kitchen areas, office furniture, and even your office’s exterior. To achieve this, businesses will enlist the services of a reputable office design company. Redesigning the exterior is important because it impresses visitors who are more likely to judge your office based on how they remember your branding. Optimise the office space you have and you will enhance your office’s workflow. In this article, you will find signs that indicate your office needs redesigning.

Why Your Office Needs Redesigning

1. Outdated office

If the outdated and boring office turns off potential clients, imagine what it does to employees who work in the same place every day! A dull office translates to a lack of creativity and forward-thinking. It has a knock-on effect on customers and will make them question how you operate. The office is where all the planning and action occur and a place where a myriad of projects are completed. So, why not develop an inspiring, up-to-date environment that will encourage quality output and confidence in your company?

2. Dwindling employee mentality

You may hear your employees complaining about the office’s state, or are unhappy with amenities or the workplace in general because they are either broken or old. This is the time that you need to take action. Broken drawers, desks, toilets, zip taps, or computers – whatever it is – tend to become exhausting because it takes twice the time to complete what’s required.

Conduct regular surveys to obtain feedback regarding things in the office that need redesigning or improvements. In turn, it will result in a happier workplace because your staff feel valued and listened to. If your budget does not stretch that far, make sure that everything in the office is functional.

3. Branding

Take a good look around your office environment. Is it a true reflection of your company’s brand? Can any person that comes into the premises get what the business stands for? An office that is reflective of the company’s values is particularly important to employees and customers alike. If you are thinking of going for a rebrand, consult with your office designers so that they can ensure the design of your office reflects this transformation.Four Ways You'll Need to Shift Your Office Design in 2021 - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM STEELCASE

When redesigning your office, invest in a design that breathes new life in your overall look. The design, logo, and colours need to be reflected in your offices to indicate continuity.

4. Health and safety challenges

When you notice the following issues at your office, you need to take action immediately:

  • Faulty office furniture such as chairs, desks, heaters
  • Boxes that are stacked over 18 inches high
  • Appliances that have not been approved for commercial purposes
  • Overloaded electrical sockets
  • Unlocked, open filing cabinets

It is normal for wear and tear to happen. However, it is important to uphold health and safety in your office and its environs to avoid injuries, accidents, and potential fires.

5. Increase productivity

The office environment where staff work has an enormous impact on their overall productivity and morale. Is the office productivity suffering? Work areas that are not fit for purpose, poor lighting, and challenges in effectively communicating with team members could be some of the reasons for this. According to numerous studies on employee productivity and well-being, having a well-designed office fit-out not only improves employee productivity but also increases the chances of attracting top talent and enhances employee retention.

A great office redesign shows that the company cares about the environment of its staff members. Or even opting to hire a meeting room in your local area can help push the productivity of the business and encourage employee engagement when you develop a company culture that is based on mutual respect and trust.

Wrapping It Up

Every office will require an office redesign at some point in time. With recent happenings such as the coronavirus pandemic, how we view the office and work has undergone a massive evolution. Redesigning an office does not mean a few new chairs and a lick of paint but involves the entire structure. Investing in office designers to redesign your office will enhance your productivity and retention rates while boosting your profile.

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