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How Can I Find A Brick to Match My House?

brick matching

Brick Matching Service

Brick matching is crucial for homeowners renovating or repairing their homes. However, before embarking on the work, you need to find the right brick for the job by matching it to your existing bricks. Mismatched bricks can compromise the structural integrity of the house. Since a mismatched brick stands out like a sour thumb, it will drive the value of your house down. It’s advisable to consult a professional as they know the right blend to stain your Brick. Finding the right bricks for your house may seem hard; however, the process becomes even easier with The Brickyard brick matching service. Read on to learn more about how to find a brick to match your house.

Find the Brick

You need to begin by enquiring if the maker of your original Brick still makes the bricks. It will be easier as they still make the same type of bricks as the old ones making it easy for you to match them. Making a brick entails many raw materials and procedures. The details involved could also affect the colour and texture of the finished product. A slight deviation from the original colour is highly noticeable, affecting the house’s aesthetic value. Therefore, you need the help of a brick specialist for perfect work.

Use More Than One Colour Blend for Brick Matching

It’s hard to match your original brick colour as the wall age due to wear and tear. Your wall may have different colour blends like dark brown, scarlet red, mid-tone red, and even orange. When matching your bricks, you need to consider the colour blends and include all the colours of your wall. Check the pattern on the original brick wall and try to match the pattern. Matching the bricks ensures that all colours are not cramped together but match the colour of the wall.

Stain Your Brick Where Necessary

You may spend time looking for a matching brick, but it could simply be unavailable. In that instance, look for a brick that closely matches the colour of your original brick. You should also consider the size and the texture of the brick as a brick that does not match size and texture will stand out. It will be easy to stain a closely matching brick that does not resemble the original brick.

It will help if you are looking for a professional that will do the staining for you at an affordable cost. From there, you need to test the stainability of the brick by pouring water on a wall made from similar bricks. If it absorbs the water and change colour, you are good to go as it’s likely to stain better when the stain is applied.

Place Your Order

Consult a stain specialist for advice on the number of bricks to be stained. You also need to know the percentage of stain to be applied for the desired results. A specialist will know where different stained bricks will go on the wall. Therefore, you must place your order with the specialists as they know the number of bricks you need for your renovation or repair project. They also have the expertise to stain your bricks perfectly.

Choose A Brick with a Light Colour

It’s easier to stain a light-coloured brick to get the desired product compared to a dark-coloured brick. If you decide that staining is the only way, choose a brick whose colour shade is slightly lower than the original colour. It will be less costly to stain a lighter brick since you will use a minor stain. You also need to consider the size and texture of the Brick when it comes to staining it. This way, you will get more accurate results.

Use Matching Mortar

15% of the brick wall is compost of mortar. As a result, you need to consider the colour and texture of the mortar. You can try using different colours and texture to blend perfectly with your brick wall.

When it comes to renovating your house, brick matching is crucial. However, for you to get the desired results, you need to follow the correct procedure for brick matching by finding closely matching bricks. If they are unavailable, look for one whose texture and size closely matches your original bricks. As mentioned, it’s advisable to consult a professional as they know the right blend to stain your Brick.

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