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6 Creative Ceiling Design Ideas for 2021

ceiling design ideas

Are you considering decorating your ceiling? There are numerous designs to consider, some of which are more eye-catching and impactful than others. Having a plain white ceiling can create a dull feeling in a room. Or maybe your walls are too occupied with utilities such as panelling hence lack enough space to decorate. In that case, the ceiling automatically adopts the decorative function. 

There are features that you can add to your fifth wall to make it more attention-grabbing. And even use it to enhance the mood and texture of your home however you like. Many ceiling decoration ideas are available depending on the nature of your ceiling and your personal preferences.

Here, we discuss six creative ceiling design ideas in depth.


Did you know that just like your floor, you can also tile your ceiling? Tiles are glossy hence able to reflect light. This attribute allows them to bounce light around in a way that sets a relaxed mood. You can choose the type of tiles to blend well with other features of the room. Ceiling tiles exist in four broad categories; acoustical, plastic, cork, and tin.

Plastic ceiling panels, unlike tin ceiling tiles, are cheap and lightweight. It is easier to imprint various patterns on the plastic tiles to make them more attractive. Their installation is simple as they are not delicate to handle. Cork ceiling tiles are the most popular, because of the eco-friendly and fire- and water-resistant nature of cork.

Glue on Faux-tin tiles is the type of tiles mostly used in ceiling decoration. These tiles are attached to the ceiling surface to give it the desired look. They are quick and easy to install and can be glued to a vast range of surfaces. Most are made of brass, copper, or aluminium.

Acoustical ceiling tiles are mainly installed to make a room soundproof. They can also regulate a room’s temperature depending on their composition. The installation of acoustic ceiling tiles can be a bit complex and might call for professional hands.


Patterns create a series of attractive textures in the ceiling. It makes it easier to define the mood of a room based on the pattern design. Whether it is by use of paint or gypsum, you can create patterns on your ceiling to enhance its attractiveness.


Painting provides a multitude of options for ceiling decoration. By dictating the colour and style, you can create attractive designs by painting your ceiling. Some of the designs include: Painting the ceiling a similar colour to the walls. This particular design requires less decision making and will make your walls and ceilings rhyme. Another benefit of matching the ceiling’s colour to that of the walls is that it has the advantage of making a room look bigger than it is, because of the absence of any visual hint separating walls and the ceiling.painted ceiling

You can similarly paint the ceiling a lighter shade of the colour of the walls. If your wall decoration involves a pattern, you can select one colour from the pattern and paint it on your ceiling. It will bind the entire room together. Alternatively, you can paint the ceiling a colour contrasting the rest of the room. It can make it stand out from other elements of the room and call attention to itself. Painting stripes on your fifth wall can make it livelier. Brightly coloured stripes especially elevate the mood of a place and add a dramatic effect to it.


The moulding mostly done on the ceiling is crown moulding, also known as cornice moulding. Crown moulding’s decorative quality is derived from its ability to exist in several distinct styles. The size of crown moulds ranges differently from thin to thick for dramatic effects. Adding patterns or drawings to the moulding may make them more attractive.


Wallpapers have the obvious effect of bringing dimension to your ceiling. On top of that, wallpapers can be embedded with patterns or images of various kinds hence vast applicability. There are three basic categories of wallpapers. The first is peel-and-stick wallpapers, which can be reused. The second is pre-pasted wallpaper. It has an adhesive on its backside that needs to be activated by a damp cloth or sponge before installation. The third category of wallpapers is paste-the-wall wallpaper which is mounted by glueing the wall then sliding the wallpaper over it.

The growing popularity of nonwoven technology has simplified the application and removal of wallpapers. This innovation also minimizes damage to the walls and is relatively faster, therefore time-saving. Furthermore, the wallpaper manufacturing industry has prospects of developing thermal wallpaper that conserve energy by retaining heat or cooling buildings.


Mirrors are a great way to decorate any space. Due to their reflective abilities, mirrored ceilings can tremendously brighten up a place and make it seem bigger than its actual size. Mirrors are also relatively cheaper to install, making them even more convenient for ceiling decoration. Another notable advantage of using mirrors for decoration is their ease of blending with almost all designs or/and colours.

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