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A guide on looking after your Amtico flooring

Amtico is a hard plastic luxury vinyl flooring that can be designed to look like any other floor type. It can be applied to give an impression of popular flooring types such as tiles, marble, wood, and ceramic. Amitco flooring from Nova Flooring is a cheaper alternative to some of the best types of flooring.

Looking After Your Amitco Flooring

Maintaining this type of flooring does not involve lots of work. Amtico supplier The Flooring Studio expresses the benefit of this luxury flooring is how easy it is to maintain and take care of. Below is a useful guide on how to care for your Amitco flooring:


Compared to other types of flooring, Amitco is relatively easy to clean. To wash the floor, you should follow these steps:

  • Sweep the floor using a brush to remove dirt and dust, this should prepare the floor for further cleaning or mopping.
  • After brushing the floor, use a mop to clean the floor. You should use approved cleaning products from Amitco. Simply apply a well-wrung mop to remove dirt, then clean the mop with water. After that, you can mop again using overlapping strokes. Make sure you keep rinsing the mop as frequently as you can. Additionally, make sure you use clean water because dirty water can leave residue on the surface. Afterwards, let the floor dry thoroughly before walking on it or moving furniture around.
  • After moping, you can use a floor stripper for deep cleaning, however, it wouldn’t be wise to do this often, once or twice a year is sufficient. All you have to do is apply the stripper on the floor, leave it for around ten minutes, and then rinse it off twice. Stripper helps to remove dirt and marks that regular cleaning cannot get rid of.

Cleaning your Amitco flooring will help it stay pristine for longer and help improve its quality and appearance. 

Other tips for maintaining your Amitco flooring include:

  • Using protective pads- You need to use protective pads under the feet of your furniture. Doing so will help prevent damages like scratches on your floor. This is especially the case when it comes to chairs and tables that get dragged on the floor. 
  • Preventing further scratches- Apart from scratching caused by moving furniture, small dirt particles, grit, and moisture can also cause scratches on your Amitco flooring. You can keep the scratches from occurring by using fibre matting to get rid of the grit, dirt, and moisture. Make sure you clean the floor often so that you can protect it from such damages.
  • Get furniture with broad contact areas- Getting furniture with wide legs is a good idea because the thin ones usually damage the floor. Using furniture with large surface areas can help decrease the chances of marks forming.
  • Dealing with stains- Like most types of flooring, stains can occur. However, this shouldn’t be a problem with Amitco because you can effortlessly eliminate stains. All you need to do is use an absorbent paper, combined with a floor cleaner. You can also use a scouring pad (make sure that the scouring pad is non-scratch). Finally, if there is any stain still left, you can rub it using turpentine, leave it for half an hour, and then rinse it with water.
  • Dealing with stickiness- You can clean sticky floors using absorbent paper that is washed in diluted floor cleaner. This is a good solution if the stickiness is formed by grease. However, if its regular stickiness, mopping the floor should be sufficient.

When using products to clean the floor, get rid of stains or spillages, you must be aware of the cleaning products you use. Avoid products that can damage the floor. For instance, avoid scouring pads that can cause scratches, vacuums with firm bristles, and steam mops because they can leave scratch marks.

Cleaning and maintaining Amitco flooring is relatively easy, however, if you find it challenging, you can always opt for professional house cleaning services. Professionals who provide house cleaning services are equipped with all the knowledge necessary to clean your floors without causing any damage. Although, you also need to do some mild cleaning in-between the professional house cleaning.

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