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How To Extend Your House with Style in 2021

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Suppose you are looking to create more space in your home and are avoiding traditional materials; glass extensions are an ideal option. Glass extensions allow you to spice up your interior and exterior spaces as they are stylish. An advantage of considering this style is there will be more natural light in your residence. Areas you can consider for your home extensions include your kitchen, bedroom or living room. You might be wondering how you can incorporate style while extending your home, right? Read on to learn everything in glass extensions.


Planning Permission

First, you don’t want your project to be stalled because you did not comply with planning permission requirements from authorities. Therefore, before you commence the home extensions project, check whether there are permissions that you need to obtain. This is an essential step as not following the rules will lead to significant punishments. The authorities might decide to dissolve your extension project entirely for failing to comply with the regulations.

Note that it is not always necessary to get planning permission to commence with the project. Below are among the reasons why you need not obtain it;


  • If the extension is not higher than your building’s roof.
  • If the extension does not cover more than half of the original building.
  • If it is not blocking your neighbour’s views.


You must note that the rules regarding planning permission differ from place to place. Therefore, if you are unsure of the requirements, inquire from an expert. This ensures that the plan to extend your home will go on according to the regulations set and avoid costly penalties. Furthermore, depending on where live (England, Scotland, or Wales), you may have different rules and regulations in place for what is, and what isn’t allowed.


Cost of the Glass Extension

You might be surprised to know that buying material for this style of home extension is less costly. The determining factors for how much you spend will depend on the style you opt for and the area to be covered. If you are looking to go for a fancier design, you will have to spend more. Another area that might cost you more money is the engineering aspect and glass inspection.

A way to minimize such costs is by contacting a contractor from your locality. Since they are used with extending homes in the area, they have an idea of which design and materials will be best for the project. Even though you will spend too much to have the project successful, you will benefit as extensions increase the value of your property in the long run. If you decide to sell the property in the future, contact a realtor to know the suitable amount. This eliminates the possibility of selling the house at a loss, yet you spend a lot on the project.


Glass Extension Designs

Notably, there are many extension designs that you can choose for your project. When selecting a plan, ensure to incorporate your needs and let your contractor be aware of them. When deciding on which is the best glass extension design, there are elements you ought to factor in. They include;


Framing Option

To achieve a stylish look with the glass extension, you should opt for thin frames. On the other hand, if you a looking for a particular shade to suit your décor, you can opt for powder-coated aluminium as they come in different shades.


The Type of Opening

There are numerous options of doors that you can choose for your glass structure. Structural glazing doors are most considered as they have a perfect blend to the design you select. Sliding doors are also an option that you can go for. Since these types of doors have slim frames, they hardly deter the look of the wall.

An essential aspect of being keen about choosing a door is that it should be easy to open during the winter and summer seasons.


How to Furnish the Area

Having a fully glazed extension implies that you will not have electrical sockets, which are necessary. Therefore, it would be best to go for a part-glazed extension as this gives room for sockets to be installed.


Who Should Undertake the Project?

For the project to be successful, you need to incorporate the services of different professionals in the industry. First, you will need an architect who will explain how the extensions will be achieved. A designer will then help choose a glass extension design that will suit your needs. Ensure you choose a reputable UK glass extension company and thoroughly check all reviews and recently completed projects.

A contractor will ensure that the systems that you go for are the best for the project. The role of the professional is also to ensure that the extension is following the regulations in your area. You need to ensure that all the professionals you hire for the project are licensed and experienced. It would also be best to begin the project with all the experts, giving them a better understanding of how to go about it.



As stated above, glass extensions have a massive impact on the appearance of your interior and exterior spaces. Therefore, it is crucial to be mindful of several aspects when choosing a design to go with. Working with experts is also a way to help you achieve the best results. A significant advantage of using this style to extend your home is that it has properties that allow light and heat to enter the home. At the same time, the glass can prevent heat from leaving the home. It, therefore, ensures that the house is cosy during winter.


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