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How to Prevent Car Theft

Finally, years of sacrifice and hard work have paid off. Now the deal is sealed, and ownership transfers are done. You are now a car owner. But how do you keep your car safe from theft while still enjoying the prestige, comfort, and exclusivity that it tags along? Well, let’s find out.

Don’t Leave Your Car Keys in the Ignition

Always remove your keys from the car. If a key is left in the car, a thief can easily take down a window, unlock the door, then drive off. Even if you are running a quick errand or buying a single item at the store, never leave your car running. A running vehicle is an easy target for a thief, especially when left unlocked or unattended.

Lock car doors

Lock your Doors

The first step in preventing car theft is ensuring your doors are locked at all times. Get into the habit of always double checking your doors every time you get in or out of your car. Always keep your windows completely closed. This will deter the chances of a thief having access to any property in the vehicle and narrow the possibility of him unlocking your door and gaining full access.

Ensure your Keys are Safe

The quickest and easiest way for a thief to get away with your car is by taking your car keys. It’s, therefore, essential to ensure that your keys are well kept, especially when in public spaces. Never leave them lying around, and always ensure they are not visible from your windows or doors.

Install a Vehicle Immobiliser

The Autowatch Ghost immobiliser is a great security measure for vehicles making it next to impossible for a criminal to steal your vehicle or break-in even if they had your keys.

Installing the ghost immobiliser system can help prevent car theft by using a unique PIN code that has to be entered before driving. Without this, the immobiliser prevents the car from starting. In addition to this with the car tracker, it makes car theft virtually impossible. Once your vehicle is stolen, a tracking device can help notify the police of its location, making it easy to trace it and recover it before its stripped or shipped out of the country.

Kits n Bits can install this clever vehicle security systems technology in just 2 hours. As keyless crime is on the rise in car theft this system gives full protection from key theft, key cloning and hacking. The only way someone could take your car with a ghost immobiliser installed is by towing it away.

Install Warning Devices

Install audible alarms, decals, and steering wheel locks to secure your vehicle against theft. You can attach your identification number on your car’s windows as this will lower the value of your car to thieves. No one wants to spend time and money getting those numbers off before reselling a stolen car. This idea will be a turn off to thieves.

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Park Smart

Sometimes you may miss a space at your usual off-street parking area or private garage. When this happens, be sure to park your vehicle in a well-lit and populated area if possible. Thieves always go for places where they are unlikely to be spotted in the act. That said, parking in less lit areas or on side roads may increase the chances of your vehicle getting stolen.

Be well informed about an area before parking. Also, if you see someone meandering around your vehicle or if you get wary of your vehicle’s safety, it’s good to move your car into a more secure location. Always check whether your doors and windows are locked before leaving your vehicle unattended.

When parking, try to always turn your tires towards the curb. Turning your tires towards the pavement makes it extremely hard for thieves to steal your car. This works even better when they are using tow trucks.

Keep Your Car Clean

When a prospective thief sees a well-cared-for and clean vehicle, they’ll assume that the vehicle has a GPS or an effective alarm. They will, therefore, be sceptical about the idea of stealing the car. Always keep your vehicle in tip-top shape as this can come in handy in preventing car theft.

The easiest way to attract a thief’s attention is by leaving high-value items in your car. Always make sure your car is clean and try to leave valuable items at home. However, if you must carry these items, be sure to put them in the car boot before leaving your car unattended. Be very careful when doing this as some thieves scope parking areas to identify anyone stashing items into their car boots to steal.

Following these tips can help you reduce the chances of car theft ever happening to you.

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