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Cancer has become prevalent in recent days, and one of the accelerators is UV rays. However, that does not mean we should avoid the sun at all costs. The sun has many health benefits to our bodies, including adding vitamin D to our bodies. Luckily, you can still enjoy the sun on the beach without worrying about the UV rays. How you do it is by getting yourself a beach umbrella. Among the many beach umbrellas in the market, Sunny Life Umbrella Range is among the finest. 

 Where Can I Purchase a Sunny Life Beach Umbrella?

They are available through Mediterranean interior design company Nisi Living for purchase all year. 

Sunny Life Umbrella Range: Overview

Designed by Sunny Life, this umbrella has got it all. Sunny Life is a company you can trust. Started in 2003, the company is one osunnylife beach rangef the leading brands for summer lifestyle. The company’s products are used worldwide, including Australia, where it started, UK, USA, and other countries. They manufacture beach, kids, and picnic products. The Sunny Life beach umbrella is elegant, durable, and large enough to offer you maximum protection from the hot sun. What’s more, it is easy to transport, thanks to the carry bag that comes with it. 


One thing that can help you decide whether a product is worth it is the features that come with it. Luckily, the Sunny Life umbrella comes with some fantastic features, which include: 

360 Degrees Tilt Function

The 360-degree rotating mechanism of the Sunny Life umbrella gives it high stability, convenience and makes it easy to use. You can use it on the beach to protect yourself from the UV rays regardless of the sun’s location. You need to tilt and rotate it to where the sun is coming from. 

Height Adjustable

A height-adjustable umbrella means it can be used practically even on congested beaches. Also, when you own a height-adjustable umbrella, it means you can adjust the height according to your height and the sun’s position. 

UPF 30 Sun Protection Coating

The main goal for buying a beach umbrella is to protect you from the unforgiving sun that is usually between 0900-1600hrs. Now, this Sunny Life umbrella makes this goal even more achievable. With a UPF 30 sun protection coating, it means that with every 30 units of UV rays that hit the umbrella, only one unit can pass through. This means that the umbrella blocks 29 out of 30 units of UV rays, giving you at least 96% UV rays protection. What more can you ask for? 

Easy to Transport

The Sunny Life umbrella comes with a carry bag with shoulder straps. You can use this bag to store the umbrella during transportation. The good thing is the umbrella is quite lightweight, so moving around with it should not be a problem. It weighs only four pounds. 


As much as the Sunny Life umbrella is designed to offer you maximum protection, it does not mean you cannot use it to protect yourself from the rain. It is made of durable and waterproof materials. 

Adds Some Décor

Sunny Life umbrellas are quite beautiful. They are available in different patterns, and you can always find one that matches your taste. You can use one on your deck and add some beauty to it. Furthermore, having a Sunny Life on the beach will make you seem classy since they are unique. 

Why Purchase a Sunny Life Range Umbrella?

 There are several reasons for getting yourself a Sunny Life beach umbrella, and they include:

  • Being in the sun for far too long can cause serious damage to your eyes and skin
  • Sunbathing for more than 30 minutes causes sunspots on most people.
  • UV rays accelerate ageing because they damage collagen and our skins’ connective tissues, leading to blemishes and wrinkles.
  • Serious sunburns can increase the risk of skin cancer.
  • A sunny life beach umbrella can protect you from all these adverse effects of overexposure to UV light.
  • Sunny Life umbrellas are easy to use and transport.
  • Sunny Life Umbrellas are lightweight, beautiful, and durable.

 Final Verdict 

Sunny Life Umbrella Range is a fairly priced beach accessory that will serve you well and for a long time. We recommend it to all beach enthusiasts. 



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