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The Latest German Kitchen Trends 2023

German Kitchen Trends

NEW Kitchen Trends Straight from Germany

Germany is famous for its accurate engineering and innovative design. German innovation is outstanding, and the country’s designers continue to reinvent industry standards. The design hub launches top-quality and sleek trends, which take over the world. Space Fitting Furniture based in Cardiff is a multi-award-winning interior design studio that specialises in the design of German kitchens.

The new German kitchen trends combine elegant 60’s nuances and modern finishes. The Rational showroom is a signature place for German kitchens. Visitors can enjoy stunning designs, ergonomic shapes, and premium technology. Smart design detailing and optimized storage spaces define these kitchens. Every piece is customisable to suit specific needs. So, here’s a brief on the latest kitchen trends straight from Germany.

Matt Black

Matt black is the dominant colour of the first style. The contemporary kitchen concept comprises matt black surfaces and finishes. The design is surrounded by a subtle red element. The red colour can be replaced with a stronger nuance, for more contrast. Or, buyers can choose a warmer colour, which integrates with the setting. The doors and surfaces are made from “Fenix” material. Fenix is a smart nanomaterial, designed to protect the surface against fingerprints and scratches. It’s soft and anti-abrasive. The kitchen cabinets are spacious, and the appliances are fitted perfectly. The innovations implemented in the style ensure that trusted German principles are constantly improving.

The kitchen’s design comprises minimalistic elements and appliances, which provide a strong contemporary feel. The kitchen sink is sleek and spacious but doesn’t affect the work area. The touch stove is set close to the sink, for increased cooking efficiency. Buyers have enough room to prepare meals and set up all their accessories in an organised manner. The cupboards are uniquely placed around the cooking area, to offer increased mobility and accessibility. The main board features a well-engineered space, where you can set up a variety of appliances. Red lighting highlights this area and offers an unrivalled visual effect.

Black and Marble

Shiny surfaces are a thing of the past. Today, matte black kitchen surfaces have become the industry standard. They create a dramatic effect for smart kitchens. The second style available combines elements of matte black and marble. The cabinet doors comprise anthracite black lacquer and the countertop has a marble effect. The contrast is striking but pleasant. The cabinets are fitted with bi-folding doors, which maximize accessibility to glasses, plates and kitchen accessories. The design is a practical solution, which helps you access any items you need while you cook. The oak effect finish complements the innovative doors’ design and produces a stunning visual display. This kitchen style is perfect for a coffee area or bar, made with the same specifications in terms of materials and design.

Thin countertops are at the forefront of German design kitchens. Thin profiles add a linear accent to the kitchen. This style includes thin-profile doors and a sleek countertop. The combination of the thin marble effect countertop and the thin cabinet doors ensures an integrated display. The sink is set close to the cabinets, which improves accessibility and helps you during your cooking session. The style is minimalistic and cutting-edge. It brings a strong contemporary feel to any décor.

Anthracite Marble and Porcelain White

The mix of two finishes, respectively porcelain white, and anthracite marble is a remarkable configuration. This third style brings together the natural anthracite marble effect and pure white colour. The contrast between the two materials, in terms of texture and colour, highlights various areas of the kitchen. The overall look is clean and contemporary. The modular setting of the kitchen appears simple but organizes each space for maximum efficiency. Kitchen appliances can easily be integrated into the cabinets, offering increased room for movement. The ovens are set as a single element, which continues the flat and minimalistic look of the kitchen. The back panel and the independent shelf situated over the ovens create a clean capsule for the appliances.

The 60’s Style

The 60’s styling seemed to be reintegrated into two modern kitchen designs. One kitchen showcased modern chic accents, with soft curves and warm colours. The marble effect countertop and surfaces combined with walnut colour pallets achieved a mind-blowing chromatic wave.

The second style comprises textured glass fonts and pattern-rich tiles. The patterned tiles break the monotony of a linear design. They create beautiful backsplashes and become the focal point of the kitchen. Patterned tile wall areas are the focus of this new kitchen style.

Both styles are unique and reinvent the 60’s classy feel. The precise organization of the drawers and design improvements are made to help you while you’re cooking the best dishes. Each drawer is wide and has accurate sections for each utensil and cutlery item. The design is made to cover a wide variety of preferences and it’s highly customisable. The concept is stylish, fresh, and minimalistic.


German kitchen designs are popular thanks to their design precision and smart technology. German designers disrupt the kitchen industry with unique forms, finishes, and structures. Luxury, style, and practicality are the focal points of German kitchen trends. Matt black colour dominates the design of kitchens. It gives a clean and luxurious look to the entire concept. Subtle or bold colours can be added to highlight different parts of the kitchen. Smart materials, such as “Fenix,” are strong, soft to touch, and protect surfaces from scratches and fingerprints. To offer increased contrast, buyers can choose a combination of black and marble effects.

Thin profiles increase the clean and minimalistic look of the kitchens. German designs focus on accessibility and efficiency. The bi-fold doors of the cabinets, set next to the countertop, help you reach any items during cooking sessions. Also, German kitchens are popular for precise organization solutions. The drawers are wide and include a variety of sections, which cover all your needs in terms of cutlery and accessories storage. Beautiful patterned tiles and warm colours reinvent notes of the ’60s. Textured glass fonts combined with curved forms, accentuate the elegance of the new German kitchen trends.

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