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What Are Skirting Boards Used For?

Skirting boards are a common feature in most interior designs of homes and other buildings. For most homeowners who don’t pay much attention to home designs and the finishing, the skirting boards are just a décor to enhance the house’s beauty, not knowing they play bigger roles. But if you are keen, you should know about the other roles they play for your walls. There are many different types of skirting boards, and before you install them, you should know the type of style you want in your home and the protection roles they play. Below is some information about skirting boards and some of the uses.Lifted Up Base Board Skirting | Since lifting our house we h… | Flickr

What are skirting boards?

These boards usually run along the base of an interior wall and the floor, thus covering the joint between the wall and the floor. With the primary purpose of installing skirting boards being to protect the wall from any damage, the board is essential when finishing. There are many materials and designs to choose from, depending on one’s taste and the style they wish to achieve. Some of the common skirting boards are plastic skirting boards, wooden skirting boards and even metal.

Types of skirting and the impact they bring to your home

Plastic skirting

PVC skirting boards are becoming increasingly popular throughout homes in the UK due to being low maintenance and easy to install. Due to low production costs, this skirting option is also incredibly cost-effective, meaning it is common to use PVC skirting throughout the entire house.

Wooden skirting

This is one of the most common skirts used in most houses and comes in different types. There are those made from hardwood and others made from softwood. Wooden skirting improves the look of your home by bringing out an element of sophistication, richness and warmth, plus it goes well with almost all types of floors, whether marble or tile. Wooden skirting also works for light floors and walls and works best to bring out a traditional and ornamental look to your home décor.

Pencil skirting

This is an accurate design choice that brings out a clear finished look for your space. This skirting works on all types of walls to improve the décor of the house.

Metal skirting

If you are looking to get a modern look and décor for your home, this is the skirting for you. The material commonly used for this type of skirting is stainless steel, and it lasts longer without getting damaged from knocks and scratches. Metal skirting is one thing you should consider for your finishing if you want a light touch in your décor.A modern bath in Croome Court © Philip Halling :: Geograph Britain and  Ireland

Flush skirting

This is the skirting to go for if you want a seamless look for your space. The plastering and skirting levels in this skirting are the same, meaning they flush with each other. For this reason, dust is not trapped quickly between the skirting and the wall, making flush skirting better than the other types of skirting.

Double layered skirting

This is where one stacks two differently toned skirtings on top of each other. This gives the space a more detailed design. Most people make Double layered skirting using plastic skirting boards or even wooden ones.

Uses of skirting boards

Protect the lower parts of the walls

Protection is one of the primary uses of skirting boards in a building. They create a barrier between the wall and anything that may come into contact with the wall. Some of the biggest culprits that can cause scratches to the base of the wall are furniture, children’s toys, mops and vacuums, or any traffic that comes close to the walls. With skirting boards, all these risks are prevented, and you can have a wall free of scratches and damage for a very long time.

Hiding the gaps between the floor and walls

Keeping the floor and wall aligned during construction is always a challenge, leading to unwanted gaping spaces between the wall and the floor. However, fitting skirting boards can help you hide this sight without having to redo the tiring work all over again. The process will take less time and cost you.

Improve the interior design of your home

Skirting boards come in numerous beautiful designs, colours and shapes that give the room a much cleaner, beautiful and professional look when matched with the home décor. They also improve the overall outlook of the space by providing a perfect finishing, especially by creating a cover for the spaces left behind after fitting the floor. You will give your home a unique style depending on the material you choose for skirting — whether modern with the metal skirting boards, traditional with the wooden skirting, or just being simple with plastic boards.

Hide electrical wires that are exposed

There is nothing more irritating than seeing electrical wires running throughout the house. The cables can also be very unsafe if you have kids at home. Luckily, the use of skirting boards can help you hide the wires without additional costs. Hiding electric wires behind skirting boards is better than hiding them in the ceiling. Additionally, hiding the cables behind skirting boards makes repairs quick and without damages. Skirting boards made from plastic materials are perfect for this purpose.

Final Thoughts

Skirting boards are essential in any home and can save you a lot of money and time for repairing already scratched walls. They may be just boards, but they can have a huge impact on your home’s safety, durability and aesthetics.

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