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How To Block Light From Sides of Blinds

One of the most commonly reported issues about blinds is that they let light in from the sides. This is mainly because blinds and shades are often not designed to fit tightly and perfectly to the window sides. Therefore, this results in gaps that let in light. It is also worth mentioning that the gap is beneficial. UK-based online blinds seller Get Blinds Online states that “without the gap, the material of the blinds or shades would scrape along with the window frame when raising and lowering, hence resulting in damages”. However, to keep the balance,  we’ve created this helpful guide to help you eliminate this issue!

How to block light from the sides

Numerous tricks can help you resolve this issue. Below are some of these tips and how you can apply them in your home;

Use Light Blockers

Light Blockers, also known as light-blocking strips, are excellent products for covering the gaps. These products are usually made using L-shaped plastic. The plastic goes either in front or behind the window treatments. Their role is to block the segment of the window that is not covered. 

These products come in a wide range of lengths and sizes. However, this does not have to be an issue because you can trim them to fit your window size. Doing this is relatively easy since all you have to do is cut them using a hacksaw or kitchen scissors. It is also worth noting that installing these light-blockers is quite effortless. All you have to do is peel the sticky backing and stick the plastic to your window sides. If you are looking to achieve maximum coverage, you should place the light blockers as close to the window treatment as you can.

Opt for an outside mounting

Another convenient way to block the light from the sides of your windows is by attempting outside mounting. Outside mounting refers to a situation where the window treatment is mounted on the wall outside or above the window frame. Doing this allows the shade to overlap the window. By doing so, eliminates the light gaps and blocks light from escaping into the house. However, there may still be a soft halo of light emanating from the window. 

Try layering

Another simple way of eliminating this issue is by layering curtains over a blind. Doing this will not only help you keep the light out, but it will also create a stylish look. Here, all you need to do is hang the layering curtains at the edge to block the light gap. You can also close the curtains entirely if you are looking to achieve complete darkness. It is worth mentioning that this method may require you to spend some extra money on the layers. It will also help if you choose curtains with dark-colored blackout stains. This will increase the ability to block the light from the side gaps. 

Try wooden shutters

Wooden shutters are classic, vintage, and attractive. They help cover the gaps that allow light to pass through. Additionally, wooden shutters do not only block out the light, but they also block out noise and increase the level of privacy in your room. However, new shutters are often more costly than conventional blinds. Additionally, unlike blinds, you cannot open them partially. 

Get the right fitting blinds

The easiest way to block light from the sides of your blinds is by getting the right fitting blinds. The best-fitting blinds will fit perfectly and snugly against the window frame. This ensures that all your window is covered, and no gaps are letting in light. Most of the time, people do not get the right fitting blinds because they only consider the size of the window and not the shape. Therefore, when choosing suitable curtains or blinds, it would help if you measured the windows accurately and took note of the shape. Provide this information to the manufacturer to custom-design your perfect blinds.

Consider installing side channels

Side channels can also help you reduce the incoming light from the gaps in the sides of your blinds. They work by creating an opaque barrier that stops the sun rays from penetrating. Additionally, they also add a finishing texture to your windows. Ensure that you install them with cellular blinds if you are looking for the best transformation. 

Final thoughts

Understanding the light-blocking tricks mentioned above will help resolve the issue of light penetration from the sides of your blinds. By doing so, they will allow you to live an easy and healthy life by protecting you from the sun. It also helps you get uninterrupted sleep if the windows are in your bedroom. This can have numerous physical and mental health benefits. 

Additionally, some of the methods mentioned above can help enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. When choosing the right trick, you must consider your current interior design, budget, and the type of results you are looking to achieve. If you find this task too hectic, you can also opt for professional assistance.

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