What does a Family Lawyer do? 

what does a family lawyer do

Everyone needs a lawyer at least once in their lifetime. Many types of solicitors deal with a variety of different issues. Everything from civil rights law, business law to environmental law. Family solicitors are legal professionals that focus on matters regarding family law. They deal with legal issues that revolve around family ties. These issues include divorce, children and guardianship, domestic abuse, and many more. This article will assist you in understanding the duties and responsibilities of a family lawyer.

Types of Family Law

Family law solicitors work in various situations. Redkite Solicitors Swansea has a dedicated team that works hard to minimise the stress involved in family cases and resolve matters as quickly and fairly as possible. Family relationships are complicated. Emotional distresses, quarrels and differences of opinion can cause those relationships to break down. Family lawyers, therefore, deal with clients affected by emotional and challenging life moments. Here are some areas that family lawyers cover:


Divorce is an example of a relationship breakdown. It can be complicated and distressing for any household. A family lawyer represents the interests of their clients and eases the legal process of filing a divorce. It also leads to an effective outcome in the end. They will help provide relevant information to navigate the compound court system. The lawyer will defend the client’s rights in asset allocation or getting custody of the children. They guide their clientele through each step of the lawful process. A good family lawyer will also ease the emotional distress caused by divorce. They ensure proper representation for their clients and can even limit the necessity to go to court.

Domestic Abuse

Family lawyers handle domestic abuse ensuring, that the victims live far from fear. They will offer immediate services and attention to eliminate emotional, mental, and even physically hurt. Their knowledge and expertise in undertaking the legal steps ensure the best protection for their clients. They also deal with neglect cases. A family lawyer will come into the picture when a parent neglects a child.

Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements

These agreements entail the allocation of assets after a divorce. For example, a couple will come up with a pre-nuptial arrangement before their marriage. Even though the issues covered by the agreement vary from one situation to another, the main agenda remains to highlight the provision of spousal support and division of the belongings in the event of a divorce. They will decide who-gets-what and what happens during the divorce. Pre-nuptial agreements, however, do not cover child custody and support.


This area is like spousal support. Different countries have different laws concerning spousal support. A family lawyer conveys necessary information to the court in a clear and well-fashioned manner to provide an outcome for their clients. The lawyer will discuss the levels of income, workability, unpaid debts, and the spouse’s behaviour. This is the duty of the family lawyer to convey adequate information to navigate this legal process.

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Child Custody

Child custody issues are plenty. It can involve married as well as unmarried couples. Child custody is a settlement whereby both parents must live with the terms and conditions indicated in the agreement. A family lawyer will assist the parents in drafting an arrangement. The court will also consider factors such as the parent with the stronger bond with the children. It will also look at criminal records, stability levels, and many more. A family lawyer’s work is to represent their clients and provide relevant justification to the judge. The lawyer will also gather practical evidence so that the judge can decide on child custody.


Many countries have different laws governing adoption. A family lawyer will provide adequate information to the court to ensure the well-being of the child or children in question. These situations entail delicate and emotional concerns, and you’ll need experienced guidance to get through them. Stepparent adoption, special Guardianship counsel, special Services adoptions, and adoptive parents’ guidance are all things that a family law solicitor may assist with.

Dealing with Wills and Estates

A will is a legal document in which people state how they would wish their property to be managed in the event of their death. Family lawyers help people create these documents. A family lawyer will also make sure that an estate is managed as specified by the deceased.

Family lawyers have numerous responsibilities. Since the legal framework governing family law is complex, having a family lawyer will assist you in getting the outcome you need.

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