What is a Bog Mat?

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What are Bog Mats?

wooden matsTo understand what a bog mat is, we should know what a bog is. A bog is a wet and muddy surface. This is to the extent that it is unable to offer support to heavyweights or bodies. If a heavy body is on a bog, it will succumb to the pressure. In line with that, a bog mat offers protection to the ground by covering the area completely. They are available in various shapes and sizes. This is dependent on the purpose it is for. Even the standard bog mat has a different range in thickness. The standard measurements for a bog mat vary from 3 to 5 metres in length and a metre in its width.

Types of Bog Mats

Bog mats material is mostly made out of timber and plastic. The type of bog mat to be used is dependent on the nature of the project and its requirements. This is mostly true for wooden bog mats as various types of trees will provide a different bog mat. G J Mats supply a wide range of crane and timber mats. Their common wood types that make bog mats include:

  • Oak timber
  • Ekki Wood
  • Beach timber
  • Dabema wood

There are some factors to consider when selecting a bog mat. These include:

  • The amount of traffic: Areas, where the bog mat is placed with a high level of traffic, should have a hard-wearing material compared to areas with less traffic.
  • Use of heavy machinery: If a bog mat is to sustain the pressure from heavy machinery then a hard material is to be preferred.
  • The length of time of use: If a bog mat is to be used for longer periods, the type selected should be able to sustain it.

It is important to note that every type has its merits and demerits. Therefore, you may not use the same type of bog mat for different projects.

Application and Uses of a Bog Mat

Construction Industry

Due to its characteristics, a bog mat is often used in the construction sector. Those in the construction industry will testify on the dealings of building in unpredictable conditions. The ground surface could get extremely wet and muddy. Bog mats are used to build and offer a durable temporary channel on such sites that are delicate. The following are the benefits of using bog mats in the construction industry:

  • It assists in accessing difficult to access areas. Impenetrable terrain could incur the loss of time and money to a construction practitioner hence bog mats facilitate easy access to such areas.
  • Many construction practitioners use them to limit the potential damage to the environment as well. Destruction of the environment occurs especially when moving heavy equipment and machinery along the surface. This ensures construction companies are in line with the environmental conservation policies.
  • Reduce the likelihood of injuries in construction. This is due to bog mats preventing the surface underneath to be wet and muddy. It limits the chances of slipping and causing aggravating injuries.
  • Bog mats provide a firm and flat base to hold up heavy machinery hence increase efficiency

Flooring for Outdoor Events

Bog mats offer a temporary floor for outdoor ventures. Most commonly they have been used in concerts and festivals. The bog mats assist in maintaining the aesthetics of the area by limiting the damage caused by the high traffic in such events. Those familiar with camping appreciate the stable surface that bog mats provide.

Providing Safe Routes for Pedestrians and Vehicles

Bog mats make areas that seem inaccessible to be reached. This is due to impenetrable terrain which affects the routes.

Maintenance of Bog Mats

A good quality bog mat should be able to withstand and be used for a considerable amount of time. Some wood-type bog mats could even last for several decades. However, for it to remain usable for that range of time, it ought to be well maintained. The following are ways of ensuring maintenance of bog mats:

  • One should avoid having the bog mat be in prolonged exposure to wetness, mud, and general dirt. After use, they should be cleaned and dried before storing in a dry area.
  • One should avoid damaging the edges of the bog mat by ensuring that vehicles are positioned away from them. In addition, there are rumps to be placed at the entry and exit points.

If there is any damage to the bog mat, it should be replaced immediately.

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