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Apple Card Does Not Have a Card Number or CVV

Apple is in partnership with Goldman Sachs and MasterCard and they have recently announced an upcoming credit card. I know you think it is just another credit card, right? What could be special about it? I assure you this isn’t a regular credit card meant to wear you down with high interest rates.

On the contrary, Apple card aims at helping you make better financial decisions. Their interest rates are lower than other cards, and there are no penalties for late payment. They ensure your information is secure by displaying only your name on the card. It is convenient since you don’t need a physical card to start enjoying its services.

How Can You Get the Credit Card?

Well, you merely need to sign up on your iPhone, and after approval, you are good to go. To sign-up open the wallet app and using the apple card interface follow the activation procedure. Online approval takes a few minutes, once approved you can use the card immediately via Apple Pay. The qualification depends on your credit history.

A physical card is also available for shopping outlets that don’t accept Apple pay. You will receive an apple card in your mail within two days of approval. The Apple card isn’t your regular plastic card. It is made of titanium. Apart from your name which is laser etched on the card, other details are left out. There is no card number, no CVV, and no expiration date. Even the signature usually found at the back of credit cards is missing. You have nothing to worry about if your card falls into the wrong hands. No one can use it without a card number or CVV.

How Do I Create a Transaction Without a Card Number and CVV?

Since you don’t have a card number on the physical card, you can get it on the wallet app on your iPhone. With traditional credit cards, you need to place a call for activation whenever you want to make a purchase. Similarly, you need to activate your physical card. You can do this by tapping it to your iPhone. When transacting through Apple pay you need a security code and a unique card identity in addition to user biometrics. Your credit card number is not shown for transactions. It is important to note that the Apple card doesn’t perform any transactions without your iPhone.

What about Online Purchases?

Well, online purchases often require a card number and CVV. For these transactions, Apple generates virtual card numbers to aid in online deals. The virtual card number is temporary and often used with a confirmation code. You can get a virtual card number anytime you want to transact online. Using a one-time confirmation code it’s more convenient and secure unlike using the same CVV daily.

Apple has put measures to ensure the privacy and safety of your transactions. Partnering with MasterCard ensures that you can use the card to transact internationally without any problem. The Apple card could be the card for you if you are wary of fraudsters.

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