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Benefits of a Floating Staircase

floating staircase design

A floating staircase is a set of stairs that are placed during the construction of a property or during renovation work. Jarrods in Cardiff specialises in the design and installation of staircases. Their range of floating stairs come in different designs, sizes aspects, and materials. This design aims to maximise living space while also giving your home’s stage setting a distinct and modern aesthetic.

What is a Floating Staircase?

A floating staircase is a continuous set of stairs with an unsupported illusory suspension or a self-supporting stairway. This is done on purpose to conceal the underlying structure of the staircase. Architects and interior designers refer to floating steps as cantilevered staircases. Due to the free current of air and light style.
This style is a very popular and fashionable design. It promises a number of benefits to house owners who tail from the unmatched design. Some of the benefits of installing this style of staircase to your home are:

Provide More Space

Floating Staircases minimises space than traditional staircases since they have no support on both ends. The floating design does not need a lot of support materials so they create space and remove visual obstructions from one room to another. The design gives homeowners the freedom to utilise their living rooms space extensively.

Modern Design

The unique design of a floating staircase is quite an enchanting illusion of a kind in terms of shape, appearance, or mode of pattern used. They look like an illogical practical that catches everyone’s eyes. The Unique style options, size dimensions and materials such as stone, metal, glass, or timber add a dramatic elegance. This adds aptitude when used in simple houses, either indoors or outdoors.

Levitating Appearance

Floating staircases rise in the air and bring about a weightless floating beauty that appeals to homeowners and guests. The levitating appearance lets the light stream into the house. Bringing an existence of an authentic natural atmosphere to the living rooms.

Large Scope of Choices

The most popular and used ones include stones, metals, timber, glass, and composites. The wide array of options gives you all the available possibilities to choose a perfect design that will blend with the mood of your home. The fact that there is also a variety of styles and size aspects to choose from makes Cantilevered stairs ideal.

Easy to Accede

The ease of accessing floating staircases is one of the major advantages. This is possible because, unlike traditional stairs, they may be constructed at any suitable position. In addition to this floating stairs are compliant with building regulations. They comply with the prescribed regulations of building that state at least one side of the stairways ought to have handrails.

Reduced Price

The materials needed to construct floating stairs are extremely cost-effective. This is because most of the materials are locally available. Also, the price of installation of the staircases involved is low and when constructing or repairing a story house, installation of the stairs is easy. Similarly, the maintenance of cantilevered stairs is cheap and less time consuming compared to traditional stairways. Suspending stairs are considered to be cost-effective due to the variety of materials and styles available.

Floating staircases without a doubt have an unmatched design, promising benefits and the ability to enhance the décor in a house. They transmogrify the interior visual of your simple living room to a unique space. These attributes make it impossible for you to miss out on the experience. If you intend to bring a fashionable and elegant look to your home, it’s without a doubt that cantilevered stairs are what you desire.

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