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What Type Of Glass is Used For Stairs?

glass staircase

Tempered and laminated glass is used for making a staircase. The toughened glass is chemically treated and capable of holding its weight and the people walking on it. It can go over several floors with a width of up to three metres. The tempered glass should have a minimum thickness of 27/32 inches or 21, 5 mm. glass stirs are a classic feature of modern architectures; aside from being functional and practical, it’s also a piece of art.

Choosing what material to use for your stairs can be a daunting task. The right material should help you accentuate all the fantastic features in your space. You should consider using glass for your staircase if you want to enhance the interior style. Jarrods Bespoke Staircases is a staircase renovation company specialise in glass stairs and floating staircases.

Benefits of Glass Staircase 

Easy To Maintain

Glass is the easiest to maintain, unlike wood. Tempered laminated glass does not need varnish or paint to make it look great. It already looks beautiful, and it’s easy to clean. With a simple wipe down, the stars will look incredible. The upkeep is easy compared to other alternative materials. The reinforced glass does not scratch or dent easily. It’s one of the durable materials for a central staircase. Once the glass stairs are installed, everything will be smooth sailing from there onwards. The much you will need to do is keep them clean by wiping them.

Design Versatility 

One of the best features of a toughened glass staircase is its colourless form. It will not be clashing with any pattern or colour in the house. Other materials like wood will need changes to complement your existing style; glass, on the other hand, only reflects your design and can go with any changes you want to make. You can renovate and change your modern design as much as you want, and the glass stairs will remain magnificent. It will remain the focal point in your living room even if the designs change. The glass also has different designs depending on what you prefer. The glass staircase allows you to play around with various modern designs and colours without worry.

Does Not Block the Light

Glass, as you know, is see-through; it will not block any light in the living room. That is one of the reasons why it became very popular with modern designs. It creates an illusion of space, especially when your house is small. The very durable glass stairs are also used as decorative pieces. Glass stairs from GlasSpace are the best choice if you want to keep as much natural light in the space as possible. The surrounding view will also be incredible, especially when the sun hit the room. For that reason, you will not need to add a lot of decorative pieces. The stairs on their own will be enough decoration.

What Type Of Glass is Used For Stairs?

Are Glass Balustrades Worth It?

Glass balustrades provide a virtually invisible staircase barrier. If you consider adding it to your modern design, you need to know whether it will be worth your money. The glass balustrades offer a lot of benefits, including durability. Thanks to technology, glass can be made to last longer than other alternative materials. Toughened and laminated glass can serve you for many years with minimal maintenance. It’s exceptionally strong and also beautiful.

Glass balustrades complement other materials; you can have them installed even when you have a wooden staircase. Having it installed can also improve your property value. It creates a spacious and more modern open feel plan, all of which are highly desirable features. With the simple improvement, you can take the value of your home up should you ever decide to sell. Even without selling, the glass railings will keep your house looking modern and stylish for a long time.

You will spend much less on lighting when you have a glass balustrade. Opening up your stairs with glass will allow light to flow freely around the house. Also, with more natural light, you will not be spending a lot to illuminate the living space during the day. It’s even better when you have glass stairs; wood will still obstruct some of the light. Glass railings may be what you are missing to enhance your already existing modern design.

Toughened or tempered and laminated glass is the best to use for a staircase. The stairs are strong and durable but also beautiful. If they get damaged, you can have them repaired and continue enjoying the benefits. You will not be spending a lot of time cleaning and maintaining the glass like other alternative material. It’s overall the most superior staircase design in modern architecture.

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