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How to care for and maintain composite decking

composite decking installation

Composite decking boards are made from a mixture of different materials and this makes it very popular for building decks. To spruce about any garden is composite decking that is practical, long-lasting and attractive. Composite decking comes in various textures and colors that resemble different wood stains. Though composite decking requires minimal care and maintenance, taking care of your deck does not have to be difficult and it will help keep it attractive and long-lasting. Below are tips explaining how to care for and maintain your composite decking.

Tips on caring for your composite decking

Minimize standing water

Though composite decking is designed as water-resistant you should minimize standing water. This is to protect the growth of mold and mildew that require water and are a common environmental condition. To protect your deck standing water should be avoided at all costs.

Redirect downspouts

Standing water is one thing while downspouts are another one. Downspouts land at high pressure on any surface and over time they damage whatever material they come into contact with. It is key not to let any rainwater from your roof to fall on your deck composite decking. Ensure that downspouts are pointed elsewhere so that the material is not exposed to excess moisture.

Avoid mulch

Avoid placing organic mulch around your composite deck because it attracts moisture and living organisms that can destroy the deck material. If it is a must for you to use mulch there are other alternatives such as inorganic mulch or gravel.

Redirect dryer vents

Dryers expel the heat coming off your house to the outside. You should ensure the vent opens far off from your deck to prevent raising the temperature of the material and to prevent organic decay.

Use woven rugs

Mats or rugs that have a rubber backing always attract moisture thus will promote decay. Instead, you should use woven rugs or mats to allow your deck to breathe better.composite decking components

Allow air to the underside of your deck

By allowing air underside your composite will make the material to dry faster. A minimum of at least 6 inches between your deck and the ground will allow efficient air circulation.

Regular maintenance tips for composite decking

The following are composite deck maintenance tips that should be completed whenever necessary.

Remove dirt and salt

Over time different kinds of dirt build-up and this is mostly from either your shoes or flower pots. Also rock salt is a common culprit during and after winter, to remove dirt, salt or any type of debris requires some level of practicality. Start by sweeping, if dirt is still present you can then use a scrub brush, mild soap, and water. After scrubbing away the dirt rinse with clean water and scrap it off with a brush to avoid standing water.

Sweep often

Make sure to sweep your deck often as this is easy, it will prevent debris from building up or even being caught in between the gaps. Most especially during autumn, you should sweep regularly since it is when leaves fall off in masses.

Unclog often

You name it leaves, sticks, grass, etc, they can get stuck in between the gaps of your composite deck. If the clogs get wet they can promote organic decay thus once you notice any buildup you should get a spatula or a putty knife to remove the debris. Afterward, thoroughly spray with running water to rinse off anything.

Scrub grease

To prevent any stains you should make it a habit to clean up spills. Conversely, if there is grime or grease on your deck immediately wash it off using a mild detergent.

Apply composite deck stain

There are composite decking care products that help with protecting your wood and sealing it off against bad weather. They also help revive and enhance the colour of the wood stain. To provide stain repellent finish and weatherproofing to your deck you should try decking care treatment. The good thing is the more you coat your deck the longer lasting it will become.

The take away of it all

Caring for and maintaining your composite deck does not have to be a difficult task since you can do it as little as once or twice a week. Though the weather will take its toll on your composite deck the above tips will go a long way to ensure that your deck lasts longer.

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