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What To Consider When Purchasing A Lawn Mower

lawn mower purchase considerations

Advantages of Using a Lawnmower

Improved trimming quality

If you have a lawn, then you most definitely need one of these mowers because you cannot find yourself slashing the whole of it. If you prefer having a magnificent patch in your home, ensure that you have the right lawnmower that will guarantee good quality cutting.

Enhanced Features

Over the years, the industry of lawnmowers has revolutionized owing to global technological advancements. The market has now seen the introduction of ride-on mowers which are faster and more accurate especially when dealing with a big field.

If you’re wanting to have a complete redesign of your garden why not try using a garden landscaper, they specialise in transforming your outdoor space to look amazing and inviting. Whatever your garden needs they are happy to help.

Is a Great Time Saver

Moving a big field can be a treacherous feat and an expensive one too. Lawnmowers have changed the whole dynamic of clean fields, and which can be achieved without the slightest of efforts and within the shortest time possible.

Types of Lawnmowers

Electricity Powered

The corded electric mowers have a limited work range owing to the trailing power cable, which limits their application on lawns exceeding 30–45 meters from the nearest available power socket. The wireless ones are more effective as they are easily maneuverable and are more environmentally friendly but come in fewer models and are more costly.

Mechanically Powered

Here, the mobile blades are attached to its wheels by gears, so that when the appliance is pushed forward, the reel spins quicker compared to the wheels. Relative to the reel placement, they often cannot cut the grass too close to debris.

Gasoline or Petrol Engine Lawnmowers

These mowers usually work via an internal combustion engine that usually has only one chamber and power ranges from 4-7 horsepower. The engine usually needs a manual pull crank to start them and also have a carburettor. Some of them have an acceleration control on the handlebar which the operator can use to regulate the speed of the engine.

What to Consider Before Purchasing

  • Size of Yard

Depending on the size of your yard, you need to consider which mower to use. Gas and fuel-powered ones’ best suit for larger fields, while push mowers are it gas or electric is better for small yards. 

  • Washout Port Availability

Since you are advised to clean out the underside of your mower after every cut, it is highly recommended that you choose one with easy washout abilities. It usually has a hose connector for debris clearance beneath its deck without needing to tip the machine over.

  • Switchable Battery

Some power tool manufacturing companies such as HONDA and STIHL are making other handy tools such as leaf blowers, string trimmers, and chainsaws that are all using the same battery as that of their lawnmowers enabling you to charge multiple batteries in preparation for a long field day with your mower. 

  • Upright Storage

Almost all electrical equipment can be vertically stored in a confined garage. There are gas models that have special engine valves that permit upright storing, without risking gas or oil leakage.

  • Self-propelled vs Push Mowers

Pushing lawn mowers are considerably cheaper than self-propelled engine or electric models. However, they are less maneuverable especially if you are working on sloppy land or dealing with a large lawn. Four-wheel drives offer the best grip on slopes. Front-wheel drive, which is most common, is most appropriate for flat parcels.

Lawnmower Safety Tips

As this is a machine with blades, there are a couple of precautions that a new buyer has to consider before buying one, such as:

 a. You should pick up every object that has the potential of flying off if hit by the blades such as pebbles and toys.

 b. Put on safety gear including goggles and ear noise cancellation gear.

 c. Long pants and gloves to prevent getting cut if trimming a thorny lawn.

 d. Hardcover closed shoes to protect toes from debris

 e. Do not operate machinery while under substance use.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a new homeowner looking into lawn care tools or a skilled expert looking to upgrade your collection of power equipment, you probably want the best lawn mower to make landscaping an easier and faster experience. With a quality lawnmower from HONDA or STIHL in your garage, you can scape your yard with more accuracy and in less time, saving yourself the cost of hiring a landscaper. So taking your time to review and researching on the best one to suit your needs is key before heading out to your neighbourhood hardware store.

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