Benefits of Inflatable Water Wall Structures

waterwall structure benefits

Cintec International deals with the designing, assembling, and installation of a range of self-inflating, water-filled structures that offer a high level of protection to human traffic and property against a range of events such as fire and rescue services, terrorist attack devices that contain biological, chemical and radiological agents and aid in military services.

The structures are manufactured from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) coated Fabric. Internally, they are reinforced using a stitching technique that aids in maintaining their rigidity and shape. Structures are partially inflated with air that assists in positioning and handling. Afterward, they are filled with water that releases the air pressure through a pressure relief valve. The approximate time taken to fill each unit is about ten minutes or less depending on the unit’s size and pressure of water supply. Waterwall products are designed in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit different scenarios.

The waterwall system is structured in a way that each component in the system is capable of fast deployment, uses cheap readily available materials, and can work with any type of water. Each component is durable enough to sustain blast effects, can be easily stored and transported without the need for mechanical input.

Cintec International has so far produced a variety of products that are categorized under different functions below.

Waterwall hexagon isolation units

These are PVC-coated and internally reinforced material Systems. They are positioned around suspected devices that hold them in place. They are connected to a water supply and inflated till full. The pressure relief valve ensures that it’s not over-pressurized and indicates when it’s at capacity. This holds the device in complete isolation until an expert Intel arrives. The units can be stored flat pack in a valise. They are also inexpensive items with high-performance capabilities.

Waterwall insulation units

Cargo insulator

It’s designed to accept a piece of airfreight package passing through an x-ray machine in an airport. It aids in detecting suspicious objects as it screens through the packages. If by any chance, something is detected, the device can be completely isolated on all six sides and moved to a new location for further inspection.

 The cargo insulator also ensures the product remains stable and prevents it from causing damage.

Waterwall blast bins

These are especially effective in military training centers or post-conflict scenarios. The waterwall blast bins can be easily deployed and inflated in a short amount of time. They are capable of suppressing fragmentation from battlefield munitions.

Waterwall robotic deployment

This waterwall device is especially a handful in fire and rescue services. The waterwall units are attached to a robotic vehicle that is controlled remotely. The robotic vehicle enters the venue and scans for the source of the fire. The waterwall is attached while uninflated to the front of the robot with a water hose and air connections to the rear of the unit. Once the robot is close to the object in question, the waterwall is filled with air and positioned over the object.

Waterwall water storage units

Hexagon water dams

These products provide rapid storage capabilities for fighting appliances. For instance, if the main source of water cuts short, these water dams come in handy as they hold a lot of water. They can also be used on uneven grounds and gentle slopes. They can be customized to fit the clients’ requirements and vary in size and capacity. They are also easily stored in a valise.

Flood defence dams

The units are inflated with air and positioned next to each other in a low-lying region; the joints are then sealed with PVC strips whilst the bottom is fitted with PVC material that forms a seal with the ground. Afterward, the units are filled with water thus displacing the air within to maintain its shape. During a flood, the water is trapped as the units enable the water to form shape as it withstands water pressure keeping the surrounded area dry.

Bespoke inflatable structures

These are waterwall structures that are water and air-filled structures that are best for military, police, and emergency services. They are lightweight and quick to deploy shelter for rushed responses. They are compact and easy to deliver. They can be used to accommodate specific requirements be it indoor or outdoor events. The client can also customize the product to suit their needs.


The waterwall products have a lot of benefits to both the government facilities and private organizations. Some of them include:

 • Alienates the velocity of fragments produced by an explosion thus reducing chances of injury.

 • If the water layer is thick enough, all fragments will be stopped

 • The combination of blast suppress and fragment containment creates an ideal mitigation

 • Non-hazardous

 • Inexpensive material

 • Captures the forensic evidence if used in Improvised explosive devices

 • Inhibits the formation of toxic cloud dust which aids in the preservation of the environment

 • A readily available device in urban areas

 • Reduces blast pressures by a big margin of 95%

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