How does property claims management work?

Experiencing damage to your home can be an incredibly stressful time. To top it all off, it can feel like insurance companies and Loss Adjusters are working against you to save themselves money. 

This is where property claims management steps in. Companies like IC Assist provide a service that has your best interests in mind. A property claims management company that cares about you and the repair of your property, will assess the full extent of the damage. Consequently, preventing your insurance company from overlooking necessary repairs. 


Making a claim on your buildings insurance

When damage occurs to your property, your first thought is usually to contact the insurance company to see how much you can claim. Making sure you have the correct policy in place is vital to receive the necessary amount to repair your property. Around one in five insurance claims are rejected each year. Many of these refusals occur because the homeowner has an insufficient cover to suitably protect their home.

The majority of standard buildings insurance policies will cover water damage from a leak or burst pipe. This is known as an ‘escape of water.’ However, other types of damage aren’t always covered. For instance, damage caused as a result of wear and tear or lack of maintenance.

When arranging your insurance, you might think that these events would never occur in your home. Yet having proper cover could save you thousands of pounds in unfortunate circumstances. With the correct policy in place, a claims management company can efficiently restore your home to its pre-loss condition.


The Insurance Claim Process

Without the assistance of a property claims manager, you would have to face the process independently. Included within this procedure, you would have to provide physical evidence, such as photographs to demonstrate the extent of the damage and negotiate with the insurer to cover the repairs. 

Your insurance company could also send a Loss Adjustor to inspect your property. Their role is to determine the extent of damage and provide the insurance company with a figure that would cover the repairs. Unfortunately, Loss Adjustors assigned by your insurance company won’t always complete the most thorough check of your property. This could leave you short-changed when it comes to making adequate repairs to restore your home.

Negotiating with insurance companies can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Instructing a property claims management company like IC Assist to act on your behalf is the best way to ensure you have expertise on your side. Not only will you experience a far simpler and less stressful process, but you’ll be far more likely to have your claim approved. You can also be assured that your settlement will include all the repairs you are entitled to (under the terms of your policy).


Advantages of using a property claims management company

  • Working for you, not your insurer

Services provided by a property Claims Manager benefit you, rather than the insurance company. Your dedicated Claims Manager will carry out a comprehensive assessment of your property and will work tirelessly on your behalf to ensure you get a full and fair settlement.

IC Assist’s property claims manager will be equipped with a thorough understanding of your policy wording. They will also guide and support you at each stage of your claim and the repair process. As well as, provide your insurer with an accurate cost for labour and materials. This is far more beneficial than conveying the process through general contractors. As they are not trained in insurance and are unable to assist with the management of your claim.


  • Less time spent gathering quotes

Instead of getting multiple quotes and coordinating with several contractors (who don’t understand insurance), IC Assist can provide one comprehensive quote that will satisfy Loss Adjusters and insurance companies. This helps your claim get authorised sooner so that your home can be restored promptly.


  • Professional property damage repairs

Why go elsewhere for repairs when your property claims management company are expert in insurance claim repairs. Working with a comprehensive team of plasters, decorators, tilers, plumbers and other specialists, IC Assist will manage and overlook the repair process from start to finish. For your peace of mind, they also provide a 12-month guarantee on all workmanship.


Collaborate with IC Assist

IC Assist is a well-established and highly reputable property claims management company in the UK. Not only do they offer successful free claims management, but they extend their services with professional, high-quality repairs. 

With 10 years of experience and countless excellent reviews, IC Assist is the obvious choice. Work alongside a team of experts who will eliminate stress throughout the entire process.

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